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midnight_sons's Journal

Midnight Sons
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A community for fans of Marvel's Midnight Sons Universe, from Tomb of Dracula #1 to the present!
ascots, blade, book of sins, borderline, caretaker, chthon, comics, damien hellstorm, daniel ketch, darkhold, darkhold redeemers, deacon frost, demogorge, doctor strange, dracula, frank drake, ghost rider, hannibal king, hellstorm, horror comics, jack russel, johnny blaze, journey into mystery, lilin, lilith, linda, louise hastings, marvel, marvel comics, marvel comics presents, meatmarket, michael morbius, midnight massacre, midnight sons, midnight sons unlimited, modred, montesi formula, morbius, navarro, nightstalkers, quincy harker, sam buchannon, siege of darkness, slaughter, spirits of vengeance, stephen strange, strange, tatjana stiles, the exorcist, the nine, tomb of dracula, vampire detective, vampire hunters, vampires, varnae, vengeance, victoria montesi, werewolf by night