Steven Paul (reyesfanatic) wrote in midnight_sons,
Steven Paul

Altered Visions: Ghost Rider #1

Altered Visions is a marvel based fan fiction group and recently the first issue of the sites Ghost Rider debut...

Ghost Rider #1

What lurks in the dark isnt has scary as what lurks right in front of you. Thomas Deja and Chris Munn bring everyone favorite vengance dealing flame head to the AV universe. Two Young lovers looking for solace witha old relative are surprised to find out he has other plans, and when one runs into Johnny Blaze in the middle of a snowstorm, things get interesting. Come check out and Tom Deja and Chris Munn deal vengance Ghost Rider style.

By the way I am neither Deja or Munn. I am just one of the imprint managers at the site...(if you're a writer and interested in writing something for us say the word and we'll see what happens).
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