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Hannibal King Appearances [Oct. 1974-June 1998]

From my old Hannibal King website, a complete [I think???] list with synopses of all Hannibal appearances, compiled by me! If I missed anything, please let me know!

The Tomb of Dracula 25
Oct. 1974
"Night of the Blood Stalker"
Hannibal is working as a private investigator in London when Adrianne Walters hires him to solve the mystery of her husband Fred's murder. Hannibal questions Fred's friends at a local pub and is attacked in the back room by one of Dracula's minions. After escaping, he follows one of Adrianne's leads to the pier, where he finds Dracula and another minion. Dracula escapes, and Hannibal tracks him to a warehouse on Kensington Place where he battles and defeats several more minions! Dracula escapes, but he's able to tell Adrianne that her husband was murdered after discovering where the vampires had been hiding. Adrianne is relieved to know the truth.

The Tomb of Dracula 44
May 1976
"His Name is Doctor Strange"
Blade stumbles across Hannibal in a cheap Boston hotel room while he is tracking down Deacon Frost.

The Tomb of Dracula 45
June 1976
Hannibal introduces himself to Blade and tries to arrange a truce, but Blade attacks him. After disarming and subduing him, Hannibal explains that he is also after Deacon Frost. VERY reluctantly, Blade agrees to work with Hannibal after he discovers a fresh corpse on the floor (and after Hannibal convinces him that he has never consummated his curse by drinking blood from a human being). Three days later, the corpse awakens as a vampire, and Hannibal questions him about Frost. The man reveals that Frost had him dig a grave for a casket containing a doppleganger of Blade, and when he asked for payment, Frost killed him.

The Tomb of Dracula 46
July 1976
"Let us be Wed in Unholy Matrimony"
As they continue to pursue Deacon Frost, Hannibal convinces Blade to meet with a "stoolie" acquaintance of his who should be able to aid in their search.

The Tomb of Dracula 47
Aug. 1976
"Birthright: Death!"
Blade and Hannibal pick up Safron at the Boston Airport and head back to Blade's apartment. Blade tells Hannibal to go rob a blood bank or do something that will keep him occupied for an hour or so. O_o

The Tomb of Dracula 48
Sept. 1976
Blade and Hannibal track Deacon Frost to a Boston residence, but instead of Frost, they find Blade's vampire doppleganger!

The Tomb of Dracula 49
Oct. 1976
As Hannibal looks on, the Blade vampire doppleganger touches Blade and absorbs him, taking over his body.

The Tomb of Dracula 50
Nov. 1976
"Where Soars the Silver Surfer!"
The Blade vampire doppleganger attacks Hannibal. Hannibal wins the fight and sends the doppleganger running and swearing revenge.

The Tomb of Dracula 51
Dec. 1976
"The Wildest Party"
The Blade vampire doppleganger pursues Hannibal, but Hannibal feigns injury and gets the upper hand. Hannibal stakes Blade in the chest and follows a hunch which leads him to a party at which Dracula and Deacon Frost are present. Blade follows in close pursuit, and they battle in the midst of the festivities. Dracula steps in to battle (and defeat) Blade as Hannibal catches sight of Frost and pursues him. Frost escapes by misting away, and Hannibal refuses to give in to his own vampiric nature and mist after him.

The Tomb of Dracula 52
Jan. 1977
"Demons in the Mind!"
Hannibal, Frankie, Harold, Rachel, and Safron attend Blade's burial.

The Tomb of Dracula 53
Feb. 1977
"The Final Glory of Deacon Frost"
Hannibal and Daimon Hellstorm dig up Blade's body. As Hannibal removes the stake from his heart, Hellstorm separates the real Blade from the doppleganger Blade, who is promptly staked and beheaded by Hannibal. Blade and Hannibal head for Deacon Frost's crypt, which Hannibal found after Frost misted from the party. While they wait for Frost to appear, Hannibal tells Blade everything he has learned about the old vampire's past. Frost crashes the explanation along with an army of Hannibal and Blade dopplegangers, and Hannibal realizes in the fight that Blade has begun to care about him. They defeat the dopplegangers and then Deacon Frost. The two of them part as friends, and Hannibal heads for Minneapolis.

Doctor Strange 58
April 1983
"...At Loose Ends!"
Hannibal poses as an attorney, Henry Kagle, in order to investigate the death of his friend, Doug Royce. Doctor Strange, visiting along with his secretary Sara, realizes that he is a vampire and constrains him with various spells. Hannibal is forced to mist in order to escape the agony of Strange's magic, and Strange recognizes his reluctance to do so. Formal introductions are made, and Hannibal and Strange join forces.

Doctor Strange 59
"Children of the Night!"
Hannibal tells Doctor Strange and Sara that he suspects Dracula is still alive, and he believes there is a connection to Douglas Royce's death. He goes on to tell the story of how he met Doug in Wisconsin, and the two of them investigated cattle mutilations together. After Hannibal went to England to investigate the death of Rachel Van Helsing, Hannibal learned that Dracula was after the Darkhold, and Doug somehow got a lead on it. As Hannibal talks, sorcerous birds from the Darkholders attack and draw Strange and Hannibal into another dimension. Strange battles them with magic, and Hannibal, initially reluctant to use his vampiric abilities to fight, does transform into a man-bat and battle the creatures. Strange tells Hannibal that he should accept his abilities because they may be needed in the struggle yet to come.

Doctor Strange 60
Aug. 1983
"Assault on Avengers Mansion!"
Hannibal meets with Doctor Strange in his Greenwich Village sanctum after a futile search for his contacts who were investigating the Darkhold, which Doctor Strange discovers is at Avengers Mansion. They travel to the Mansion and battle the Darkholders. While Hannibal fights Dracula, Strange is able to protect the Darkhold by sending it to the castle of Baron Mordo in the Transylvanian Alps. Dracula retreats, swearing revenge.

Doctor Strange 61
Oct. 1983
"Power Be the Prize"
Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie meet Doctor Strange in New York, and the three of them catch a flight to Transylvania, planning to banish the curse of vampirism from the earth forever with a passage from the Darkhold called the Montesi Formula. Blade is reluctant for the passage to be used, because he fears Hannibal will be killed, and Doctor Strange admits that he could indeed die. At Mordo's castle, they battle and defeat the Darkholders, and Strange prepares to read the passage.

Doctor Strange 62
Dec. 1983
"Deliver Us From Evil!"
Dracula arrives at Mordo's castle, just as Doctor Strange prepares to read the Montesi Formula from the Darkhold. Blade, Frankie, and Hannibal battle him, but he defeats all three of them, and Strange must retreat to continue reading the formula on the Astral Plane. He completes the incantation, which destroys Dracula and begins to eradicate all vampires around the world, but Strange is able to save Hannibal (because he never drank blood from a human being) with adrenaline injections and by completely replacing his blood supply. When Hannibal awakens, he is liberated from the vampiric curse and watches the sun rise for the first time in five years.

Doctor Strange 67
Oct. 1984
"Private Eyes"
Doctor Strange stops by Hannibal's office in Boston after he receives a telegram that the Darkholders are on the rise. Hannibal tells him about strange events in Boston that he uncovered along with Blade and Frankie involving murder in a deconsecrated church, theft of ceremonial items, and animal mutilations, and Strange agrees that this may be related to Darkholders. They track the Darkholders to the Old Church and interrupt a ritual they were using to draw vampires from other dimensions. Afterward, everyone goes out for dinner. =)

The New Defenders 148
Oct. 1985
"The Kickshaws Consignment"
Hannibal tells the tale of how Minerva Bannister sought years ago for him to make her into a vampire and how she may have also sought the Lesser Grey God as a means once the Monsters Formula eradicated vampirism forever.

Marvel Comics Presents 64
Hannibal and Frankie learn that a new Darkholders sect has obtained the Darkhold and intend to use it to return vampirism to the world. Blade tells them that they have abducted Safron and plan to use her as a blood sacrifice, but he saves her before they do.

Ghost Rider 28
"Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 1"
Hannibal doesn't have an active role in this story, but he is seen in a vision, along with the other 'Nine', given to Daniel Ketch by Lilith.

Nightstalkers 1
Nov. 1992
"Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 5"
Doctor Strange makes a house call to Borderline Investigative Services when Hannibal notices the return of his vampiric symptoms. Strange informs him that the Montesi Formula has been forcibly relaxed, and vampirism is returning to the world, restoring Hannibal's vampire physiology and the craving (but not need) for blood. Blade and Frankie show up shortly after Strange leaves--Blade for a long overdue paycheck, and Frankie for help with his wife Marlene's supernatural coma. While they argue (and Hannibal drinks heavily), Lilith shows up in disguise and hires them to destroy Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze. Hannibal, Frankie, and Blade forge a new alliance as the Nightstalkers and declare war on the supernatural. They invite Ghost Rider and Blaze to an ambush at the Old North Church, where they uncover Lilith's plot to destroy the Midnight Sons. Ghost Rider and Blaze earn a reprieve until the greater evil is destroyed.

Ghost Rider 31
Nov. 1992
"Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 6"
Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie break into their own office and are transported by Doctor Strange to the Arctic Circle for the final battle against Lilith.

Nightstalkers 2
Dec. 1992
"Revenant Season"
Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie chase down occultist Madame Jasmine and her associates and deliver three of them to the police as murder suspects. Afterward, Hannibal visits a local cemetery, carves his own name on a tombstone, and weeps for his lost humanity.

Nightstalkers 3
Jan. 1993
"Staking Claim"
The terrorist organization Hydra seeks Hannibal as a specimen for developing a vampiric prototype for their army. Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie track them to the Franklin Zoo, where there is a battle. Hannibal is overpowered.

Nightstalkers 4
Feb. 1993
"Dead On Arrival"
Hannibal is staked through the heart as Frankie and Blade battle Hydra, but he is able to rip it out himself and rescue Blade from a precarious situation. Borderline wins praise from authorities for uncovering a local affiliate of Hydra. At the end of the book is a reprint of Hannibal's cemetery scene from Nightstalkers #2, customized and rewritten for the death of Superman.

Nightstalkers 5
March 1993
"Cut to the Bone"
Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie crash an occultic ritual and destroy everyone present, but the leader, Shiv, is not so easily defeated and ends up at a local hospital, along with passing motorist Adam Casim. Later, Hannibal and Blade argue with Frankie because he's put an ad in the Classifieds stating that Borderline needs a receptionist.

Nightstalkers 6
April 1993
"Comes a Pale Rider"
Georgianna LaFountaine hires Borderline to catch a man who had taken advantage of her bank account after her husband's death. Afterward, they track down Casim, who has been supernaturally altered, and are barely in time to rescue Georgianna, who has nearly fallen prey to Shiv. With the assistant of Punisher, they defeat Shiv, and though Hannibal tries to save Casim, Blade and Frankie destroy him. Georgianna comforts a horrified Hannibal.

Midnight Sons Unlimited 1
April 1993
"On the Wings of Angels"
Animated gargoyles disrupt a celebration (The Feast of the Virgin, perhaps?) in downtown Boston and prevent a young girl from draping a garland of roses over the statue of Mary. Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie defeat the gargoyles, and the girl drapes her garland.

Nightstalkers 7
May 1993
"Ghosts in the Machine"
Hannibal comes crashing into church, looking to cause himself pain and pay penance for being the monster he perceives himself to be. Ghost Rider shows up, and as Frankie attacks him, Hannibal begs for the Penance Stare. Ghost Rider breaks it off, realizing that Hannibal inflicts more agony on himself than Ghost Rider ever could. Blade shows up to take on Ghost Rider as well, but Hannibal defends him, and Blade reluctantly backs off. They take on Stonecold together, but he escapes.

Morbius the Living Vampire 10
June 1993
"The Real Monster"
Blade is annoyed by Hannibal's 'vampiric empathy' for Morbius. Shortly afterward, Hannibal calls Morbius in New York and suggests he straighten out or face the consequences of his killing sprees.

Nightstalkers 8
June 1993
"Dead Letter Office"
As Hannibal makes some tombstone rubbings, Morbius criticizes his morbid obsession with mortality and demands that Hannibal help him heal his affliction. Their conversation degrades into physical conflict, and Morbius goes on a killing spree in retaliation for Hannibal's seeming disinterest in arranging for him to get a blast from Linda (Frankie's anti-occult weapon). After a brief killing spree, Morbius ambushes the Nightstalkers from under the hood of their vehicle, and Frankie does blast him with Linda--to no avail. Hannibal and Morbius battle once again.

Nightstalkers 9
July 1993
"Crossing the Rubicon"
Blade and Frankie join Hannibal in the battle against Morbius, but Stonecold and Slaughter arrive and interrupts them. Hannibal has a vision of Blade after his Midnight Massacre transformation as Stonecold and Slaughter make off with Morbius. Hannibal and Frankie decide that Morbius needs their help, not their enmity, and Blade is infuriated and walks off, insisting ALL occultic elements should be abolished. Without Blade's help, Hannibal and Frankie go and rescue Morbius.

Morbius the Living Vampire 11
July 1993
"The Killing Season"
Hannibal and Frankie help Morbius track down and defeat Slaughter.

Nightstalkers 10
Aug. 1993
"Midnight Massacre Part 1 - Blood in the Water"
Hannibal tries to talk Blade out of using a page of the Darkhold to remove the supernatural from the world forever, but he can't reason with him. Johnny Blaze joins with Hannibal and Frankie to stop him, but they're too late. Blade accepts the power of the Darkhold, stakes Hannibal, and cuts off his head. <=(

Ghost Rider/Blaze - Spirits of Vengeance 13
Aug. 1993
"Midnight Massacre Part 5 Dead Man's Tales"
Louise Hastings, reading from the Darkhold, resurrects Hannibal and the other Midnight sons from the dead.

Nightstalkers 11
Sept. 1993
"Limbus Fatuorum"
Hannibal arranges a rendezvous with Blade and lashes out at him for his actions during Midnight Massacre. Repentant after the assault, he asks Frank to act as a go-between and smooth things over. Georgianna accompanies Hannibal to the cemetery where he contemplates unlife and the afterlife, and her care and compassion helps him regain control of his emotions. =)

Midnight Sons Unlimited 3
Oct. 1993
"Battle on Broadway"
Hannibal goes up to Manhattan to buy some occultic books for his collection, and Blade tags along to buy a special knife. Frankie tags along because they got a letter from Spiderman-fanboy Brian Kornfeld about suspicious crime in the area. While they talk to Brian's recently-mugged mother, a spider-creature reeking of the Darkhold and on a mission against malevolence arrives and drops a web-bound corpse (the body of Mrs. Kornfeld's mugger). The Nightstalkers track him across Manhattan, but he continually escapes. Eventually, everyone realizes Spider-X is Brian.

Nightstalkers 12
Oct. 1993
"Short Circuit"
The Nightstalkers battle and defeat Stonecold's skin. Later, back at the office, Michele Lidofsky and her seeing-eye dog 'King' approach Hannibal and Frankie and ask them to investigate a strange situation at a prison where her brother is incarcerated. Hannibal teases King while she tells the story, and while he and Blade argue over whether or not they should take the case, Frankie investigates and decides it's worth their while. When the woman mentions Lilith's involvement, Blade agrees. At the prison, they find no security. The prisoners go wild and attack, but Frankie is able to scare them off with Linda. After investigating, they find the prison has been taken over by Short Circuit, a half-Lilin who was recently executed, destroying his human half. Caught in a burst of his electrical power, Hannibal disappears. Frankie turns Linda on him, but her electrical stream only seems to make him stronger.

Nightstalkers 13
Nov. 1993
"Short Circuit Part 2 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"
Hannibal finds himself in a future Manhattan overrun by vampires and ruled by... Hannibal King! The future Hannibal has succumbed to his bestial impulses and become a Lord of Death. Blade arrives and joins Hannibal in battle, but the future Hannibal overcomes him with hypnosis. The real Hannibal stakes and destroys the future Hannibal but is overcome with shock and revulsion of what he might become. Blade convinces him that this is only a Nightmare world, and the two of them fight to stay alive until Frankie can open a pathway out by firing Linda into Short Circuit's electrical field. After Short Circuit is destroyed, Hannibal and Blade make up, with Hannibal asking Blade to kill him if he ever becomes the monster he was in the Nightmare.

Nightstalkers 14
Dec. 1993
"Siege of Darkness Part 1 - The Storm Before the Storm"
Hannibal, Blade, Morbius, Blaze, and Ghost Rider are all engaging in a round of name-calling and pointless bickering when Frankie arrives and joins the fun. Ghost Rider and Blaze are trying to convince everyone that Lilith is dead, but the Nightstalkers don't believe them and head off toward Cypress Hill cemetery in search of her. They drive into a thick mist populated with Lilin/Fallen and innocents who dissolve before their eyes. The other Midnight Sons show up to aid them and they all explore the Mist together, where Lilith awaits.

Ghost Rider 44
Dec. 1993
"Siege of Darkness Part 1 - The Storm Before the Storm"
Hannibal and Blaze continue to bicker. The Midnight Sons battle the Fallen.

Morbius the Living Vampire 16
Dec. 1993
"Siege of Darkness Part 4 - Sanctuary Invasion"
The Midnight Sons battle Morbius, who is losing control to his Lilin blood.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme 60
Dec. 1993
"Siege of Darkness Part 7 - Scatter and Sister Nil"
The Midnight Sons battle Sister Nil.

Ghost Rider/Blaze - Spirits of Vengeance 17
Dec. 1993
"Siege of Darkness Part 8 - The End of the World as We Know It"
Yes, they're still battling the Fallen. It's never going to end.

Nightstalkers 15
Jan. 1994
"Siege of Darkness Part 9 - Bad Blood"
Hannibal and Blaze continue to bicker. Morbius sides with Blaze against the Nightstalkers and another round of name-calling begins. The Nightstalkers are convinced the actions of 'The Nine' are perpetuating all of these occultic events, and so they walk off, refusing to aid in the battle against The Fallen. After they leave, Zarathos and the Fallen overcome the others and drag Caretaker underground to the catacombs. Hannibal, Blade, and Frankie come back to help Caretaker, and he gives them a message for the other Midnight Sons. While they are escaping, they are attacked by the Fallen, and after Hannibal and Blade escape, Frankie brings the catacombs crashing down by firing Linda on overload. While Hannibal insists they go find the other Midnight Sons, Blade argues that they must go back and save Frankie.

Marvel Comics Presents 145
Jan. 1994
"Siege of Darkness Part 11 - Casualties of War"
Hannibal follows Morbius in order to make certain he doesn't succumb to his Lilin blood. Hannibal has no sympathy for the Lilin and demands the death of a dying Lilin child they find, but Morbius takes pity upon her, though he cannot save her life. Morbius attacks Hannibal angrily and insists that all of the Lilin are not 'wicked' and 'evil' as they are made out to be. Hannibal apologizes for his behaviour, and they head off together in search of Raydar.

Morbius the Living Vampire 17
Jan. 1994
"Siege of Darkness Part 13 - Sacrifice and Redemption"
Hannibal and Morbius continue the search for Raydar, seeking to protect him from Zarathos' and the Fallen. Embyrre follows them to Raydar, and Hannibal battles her briefly as Morbius is distracted by Martine's arrival. Everything ends peacefully.

Marvel Comics Presents 146
Jan. 1994
"Siege of Darkness Part 14 - Ashes"
Hannibal is reunited with Frankie and Blade for the first time since the catacombs caved in. The three of them head off together to re-engage the Fallen in battle.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme 61
Jan. 1994
"Siege of Darkness Part 15 - Sacrifice Supreme"
The Midnight Sons battle Salome in Cypress Hill cemetery.

Midnight Sons Unlimited 4
Jan. 1994
"Siege of Darkness Part 17 - Moral Courage"
The Midnight Sons continue to battle Zarathos and the Fallen in England... in South America... in Tibet... back in Cypress Hills Cemetery... ... Zarathos is defeated, but Lilith lives and is carrying his offspring.

Nightstalkers 16
Feb. 1994
"Strange Tales"
A Hydra Dreadnought attacks Borderline, stealing Linda and burning the building to the ground. Hannibal is devastated because his home and everything he owns has been destroyed. He's ready to give up on everything, and Blade agrees with him. Frankie adamantly disagrees with both of them, gives them a good telling-off, and heads off to retrieve Linda on his own. Hannibal goes to a local drinking establishment, on what he believes is his last night in Boston, and gets drunk. A high school classmate, Gary Hertz, recognizes him and thanks him for saving him from a school bully in their freshman year, telling Hannibal that he's a decent guy. When his beeper goes off, Hannibal meets with Blade, Frankie, and Doctor Strange. Strange tells them that Dracula has been cloned as Bloodstorm, and as he is about to reveal the truth behind the formation of the Nightstalkers, Domini, Dracula's wife, arrives.

Nightstalkers 17
March 1994
"The Bride of Dracula"
Domini asks the Nightstalkers to saver her son Janus, who has been kidnapped, and Hannibal becomes enraged. He attacks her, but Blade defends her, realizing she is only a mother concerned for her child. Doctor Strange explains how he manipulated the Nightstalkers from day one, thinking he will convince them of their importance in these matters. He also says that he has not been completely honest with Hannibal about his condition. The Nightstalkers turn on him, and while Hannibal and Frankie agree to head after Linda, Blade refuses to accompany them and decides to help Domini.

Nightstalkers 18
April 1994
"All the Threads, Unraveled"
Hannibal and Frankie continue their search for Linda, who has fallen into the hands of Bloodstorm. As they try to track him down, they argue about everything from Doctor Strange to Frankie's failed marriage to the future. Hannibal is afraid and can't think of a reason to continue any of this, and Frankie says that doing good is reason enough. They are reunited with Blade in a battle against Varnae, Bloodstorm, Salome, and Taj. They're horrified to see that Taj has become a vampire, and Blade is devastated to have to kill him. Frankie regains control of Linda, but Varnae gains control over Hannibal, and he attacks Frankie. Blade(?) throws a stake at Hannibal and impales him just as he regains control of himself, and Hannibal dies, telling Frankie and Blade that he loves them. When Blade sees Frankie putting Linda on overload, he takes cover... and is the only survivor of the incident. Except for Frankie's hand, still clutching Linda's trigger, no remains are ever found.

Blade the Vampire Hunter 1
July 1994
"Dark Visions"
Bible John has a vision of the Nightstalkers' final battle, where Hannibal and Frankie are killed. When Tara, an 'investigative reporter', travels to the site of Hannibal and Frankie's deaths, she witnesses the merging of their remains into a new incarnation of Dracula. (Note that this Hannibal-Frankie Dracula incarnation appears throughout this 10-issue Blade series, though I'll only list the instances where Hannibal is distinctly Hannibal!)

Blade the Vampire Hunter 8
Feb. 1995
"Rites & Passage"
While Bible John is in a coma, the spirits of Frankie and Hannibal, (exiled between life and death), appeal to him to give them release before their horror, (Dracula), devours the world.

Blade the Vampire Hunter 10
April 1995
Hannibal really isn't in this issue's story, (except in his 'Dracula incarnation'), but the Letter Hacks column in the back features a picture of the would-be cover of Blade #12, showing the separation of Frankie and Hannibal.

Blade 1
March 1998
"Crescent City Blues"
In New Orleans, Hannibal contacts Blade and tells him that Dracula is still alive. Hannibal learns that Deacon Frost is behind an undead infiltration of organized crime in the city, and they defeat him. Donna Garth then asks Hannibal to find her dead father Simon, who has returned to life as a zombie.

Spiderman Unlimited 20
May 1998
"A Long Way Till Dawn"
Hannibal visits Club Jugular in Greenwich Village, looking for information on the Amulet of Damballah in his quest to find Simon, the father of Donna Garth. He's directed toward the Voodoo Lounge, where he learns that the amulet is now in the possession of Dracula's daughter Lilith. Hannibal and Peter Parker catch up to Lilith at the same time, and Hannibal decks Parker for his own protection. Lilith and Hannibal battle, and Spiderman intervenes and decks Hannibal. Lilith decks Spiderman, inviting Hannibal to become the new Lord of Vampires. Spiderman jumps back into the fray, and Lilith escapes. Hannibal and Spiderman join forces and split up to search the city for Lilith and Simon, who are most likely somewhere in the subway system. Hannibal catches sight of Lilith's gargoyle-bats and follows them to a building where Spiderman is being held captive. Lilith asks Hannibal to rule the darkness alongside her, and he plays along, stealing the amulet and ordering Simon to free Spiderman. They battle Lilith, but she escapes, swearing revenge. Hannibal sees that Simon is put to rest back in New Orleans and says good-bye to Donna, hoping he'll see her again someday.

Journey Into Mystery 520
May 1998
"The Long, Cold Kill! Part 1"
Hannibal, now working alone in San Francisco, is hired by a wealthy couple to retrieve their daughter, who has been kidnapped by vampires. Hannibal saves her, gets his check, and robs a blood bank before heading back to his office, where is approached by Tatjana Stiles. She wants to hire him to find her husband Andrew, who has also been kidnapped by vampires. Hannibal investigates the scene of the abduction and tracks some newbie vampires to a run down apartment complex, where he is caught by surprise and staked into unconsciousness. He awakens in captivity along with a homeless man who has been given to him as food. A voice over an intercom invites him to give into bloodlust over a period of three days, and Hannibal refuses. Eventually, the vampires from the apartment enter and bleed the man to the point of death. He begs Hannibal to kill him so that he doesn't become one of them, and Hannibal gives in, drinking blood from a human being for the first time.

Journey Into Mystery 521
July 1998
"The Long, Cold Kill! Part 2"
Hannibal, disgusted by his own actions, punches the wall of his cell until the bones in his hand crumble to powder. This also cracks the wall enough that he is able to escape by misting and return to his office. The following evening, he returns to Tatjana to learn the truth, and she tells him that she and Andrew are not married but CIA operatives on a mission to take out a chemical factory producing biological weapons. They stole the factory's computer codex and split it between the two of them, and the vampires, led by Navarro (the intercom voice from last issue), stole Andrew's half of the codex and now wants her half. Hannibal doesn't trust her, but he agrees to help because he's attracted to her and can't resist the feelings and memories that arise when she's close. After tracking vampires halfway across San Francisco, they arrive at Navarro's steel mill warehouse, where Tatjana is kidnapped and bled to the brink of death by Navarro and the others. Hannibal gives Navarro Tatjana's codex but is able to escape with her before destroying the factory and everyone in it. The hospital cannot help her because of the poisons in her blood, and she begs Hannibal to kill her... or if he loves her, to save her by making her into a vampire. He makes her into a vampire, his first conversion, and she goes on a killing spree in Iraq. Hannibal falls into a deep depression and lets the business go, losing interest in everything.

~~~ And for series completests, even though Hannibal isn't in every one of these issues:

'Rise of the Midnight Sons' saga
1. Ghost Rider #28
2. Spirits of Vengeance #1
3. Morbius the Living Vampire #1
4. Darkhold #1
5. Nightstalkers #1
6. Ghost Rider #31

'Midnight Massacre' saga
1. Nightstalkers #10
2. Ghost Rider #40
3. Darkhold #11
4. Morbius the Living Vampire #12
5. Spirits of Vengeance #13

'Siege of Darkness' saga
1. Nightstalkers #14
2. Ghost Rider #44
3. Marvel Comics Presents #143
4. Darkhold #15
5. Morbius the Living Vampire #16
6. Marvel Comics Presents #144
7. Doctor Strange Sorceror Supreme #60
8. Spirits of Vengeance #17
9. Nightstalkers #15
10. Ghost Rider #45
11. Marvel Comics Presents #145
12. Darkhold #16
13. Morbius the Living Vampire #17
14. Marvel Comics Presents #146
15. Doctor Strange Sorceror Supreme #61
16. Spirits of Vengeance #18
17. Midnight Sons Unlimited #4
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